Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the shelf life of your scones?

A: Since my scones have no preservatives and most of them contain fresh fruit, they should be refrigerated or frozen after 2 days of purchase. But certain scones, such as Lilikoi and Chocolate chip, are fine at room temperature for 7 days.

Q: How long can I refrigerate or freeze the scones?

A: If the scones are in a sealed, airtight container or bag, they will stay fresh for 1 week when refrigerated or 2 months if frozen.

Q: Should I heat up the scones?

A: For ultimate taste, heat up the scones in 325~350 •F for 8~12 minutes. Time may vary due to variation in oven temperature and quantity of scones that are heated.

Q: Do your scones contain nuts or allergens?

A: Yes. Mama’Nita Scones contain the following allergen: dairy, soy, wheat, egg and may contain nuts or have come into contact with nuts or nut oil.

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