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Aloha Express No.127, published on Nov. 20th in Japan



2014-2015 Ilima Awards (a guide to Oahu’s top restaurants) on Oct. 12

Unique flavor combos elevate decadent scones

Scones have gotten a bad reputation–people say they are like dry, heavy biscuits. Those people have never eaten Mama’Nita Scones. Anita Rhee combines sweet fruit, crunchy nuts, chocolate and cream cheese into moist pastries–perfect for a decadent breakfast or a delicious dessert.

My favorites are the apple caramel almond and the orange cream cheese. Previously the only way to get them was to order online 48 hours in advance or hunt them down at Cafenity (700 Bishop St.) or at Whole Foods in Kahala Mall on Fridays and Saturdays. But soon Mama’Nita Scones will be available to the masses, ready for pickup whenever that sweet craving hits.

On Monday, Mama’Nita Scones is scheduled to open its first regular location, within HASR Deli. Orders will still be taken online but must be picked up at the shop. Scones start at $2.35; miniatures sconettes are $1.75.

Check out all the flavor options online, or visit the shop to check out new flavor combinations such as Green Tea & Asian Pear, Kimchi Bacon and Cheddar & Chive. Rhee says the shop will feature a rotating selection of eight flavors daily, including a gluten-free blueberry scone. –Donica Kaneshiro


HASR Deli, 31 N. Pauahi St., above HASR Bistro; 521-4888;

We are being featured on Cheap Eats starting Wednesday, Oct. 22!

Cheap Eats filming was last Tuesday at 11:30. Will air Wednesday, Oct. 22 on K5 first 8-9 am, again 6:30 pm, and 9 pm then Saturday, Oct. 25, 9 pm.


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HASR Bistro’s expansion will entail new flavors of scones

Expansion on the horizon: HASR Bistro is adding an upstairs deli above its Chinatown store. HASR Deli will serve gourmet salads, sandwiches, drinks and speciality products including Mama’Nita Scones.

When the deli opens Oct. 13, Mama’Nita plans to add new scone flavors such as Green Tea & Asian Pear, Kimchi Bacon and Cheddar & Chive. For those who are watching their calories, Mama’Nita will also be selling sconettes in such flavors as blueberry cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese and chocolate. There will also be an organic blueberry gluten-free scone. Scone flavors will rotate with eight flavors available daily. Hours of the deli are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call 521-4888.


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Boomers start fresh on careers

Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Jun 17 2014

Three baby boomers who left careers to start new endeavors demonstrate it’s never too late to pursue your passions

Nowadays the question of what you want to be when you grow up is being pondered by aging baby boomers.


Finding a new career or niche as a senior is sometimes done out of necessity due to financial circumstances, but also out of a desire to fulfill dreams or reinvent oneself — and because some people just aren’t ready to retire.

AARP Hawaii, a nonprofit with nearly 150,000 members statewide, has launched the Life Reimagined initiative to help older adults turn their goals and dreams into possibilities.

The organization is sponsoring the “Reboot Your Life: Savvy Strategies for Your Second Act” conference Saturday in Honolulu, featuring keynote speaker Christopher Gardner, author of “The Pursuit of Happyness,” a memoir detailing how he overcame homelessness to become a stockbroker and entrepreneur. He also will take questions after an evening screening of the film adaptation of his book, which stars Will Smith. Other sessions will cover health, work, technology and travel topics.

In the meantime, readers might find inspiration in the stories of three Hawaii residents who discovered that life can take a new turn after age 50. ANITA RHEE Age 50 • First act: Pharmacist • Second act: Owner, Mama‘Nita Scones

Anita Rhee didn’t follow the exact recipe when she made her first batch of blueberry scones, but they were an instant hit with friends and family.

Rhee is the founder of Mama‘Nita Scones, which are made from scratch and available for pre-order and pickup from HASR Bistro in downtown Honolulu and in frozen dough form at Whole Foods Markets on Oahu.

The mother of three is actually a licensed pharmacist but hasn’t dispensed medicine for decades. She’d never made scones before she attended a class at First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu four years ago.

If you had told her 15 years ago that she would be running her own baking business, she would have laughed. “I’m not a baker,” she said. But, evidently, she is, and a very good one. After that first batch of blueberry scones, Rhee kept experimenting with new fruit, nut and flavor combinations, garnering rave reviews from friends and family.

Three years ago, at her sister’s suggestion, she launched Mama‘Nita Scones at the incubator kitchen at Pacific Gateway Center to fulfill her culinary ambitions.

She initially sold her scones at farmers markets, then coffee shops. She now bakes out of the HASR Bistro kitchen and plans to open a retail shop upstairs this fall in a joint venture with owner Terry Kakazu.

Mama‘Nita Scones offers more than a dozen flavors, including banana mac nut, lilikoi, Trinity Berry and chocolate chip. Blueberry is still Rhee’s favorite.

A Korean diplomat’s daughter, Rhee was born in Rio de Janeiro. She and her sisters loved to go to afternoon tea, where her favorite pastries were scones.

Life, as Rhee discovered, doesn’t follow an exact recipe, either. She became a widow in 2000 when her husband, a doctor with his own private practice, died in a car accident in Maryland. At the time, she was a stayat-home mom caring for a 9-year-old daughter and twin 10-month-old boys.

“Life became pretty scary,” she said. “Fear was what I felt first, other than grief.”

She moved to Honolulu 10 years ago to live near her sister, and met her second husband through the golf ministry at the church.

Running a bakery business has been a learning process, but it’s also her newfound passion.

“I love making scones,” she said. “That’s my biggest joy, when I give somebody scones and their face lights up, and then they taste one and it lights up even more.”

Rhee encourages others to take a chance at pursuing a dream, while still being realistic. “If not, you’re going to be wondering all your life,” she said.


Age 67. First act: Flight attendant • Second act: Tax preparer

Life has not followed a linear path for Richard Storaasli, and that has made it all the more interesting.

The Saint Louis School graduate went from a supervisory position at United Airlines to flight attendant, which gave him the opportunity to gallivant around the world for more than 20 years before retiring in 2008.

Except that he didn’t really retire. With free time on his hands, he attended financial planning classes at a college and discovered he had a knack for numbers.

“It’s like putting a puzzle together,” he said. “I thought, This is like having fun, so why not? Let’s continue this.”

He is now a federally licensed tax practitioner.

Storaasli sets his own hours, although he is especially busy during tax season, from February to April. He works from a downtown Honolulu office a few days a week, as well as from home in Kapolei. He has about 300 clients.

Storaasli says he enjoys the interaction with people, much like when he was a flight attendant. He has no plans to retire.

“It keeps your mind active,” he said. “This is just brainpower.”

After graduating from high school, Storaasli served in the military, then went to work for the customer service department at United Airlines, working his way up to management, including a position as an inflight service supervisor, which got him hooked on the globe-trotting lifestyle.

He decided to become a flight attendant and found it a refreshing change from working in the office, even though he had to give up seniority for the position.

“When I worked on the ground, I just couldn’t do the 8 a.m.-to-5 p.m. stuff,” he said. “I enjoyed flying and interacting with so many different people.”

The perks of the job were the opportunity to visit places all over the world. He brought his family on trips to Thailand, Japan, throughout Europe and South America.

While proper financial management is important, his advice to his own three children is, rather than aiming to accumulate wealth or achieve status, “Find your passion in life and then pursue it.”

Even though he enjoys his tax work, Storaasli remains a lifelong learner. Being selfemployed, he still has time to travel and pursue other interests, most recently Hawaiian culture.

He’s been taking classes on laau lapaau, the art of Hawaiian healing.

Storaasli shared this insight: “Success isn’t necessarily gauged by the amount of money you have or what you have. A successful life is more about relationships, with your family, your spouse, children and friends. Lasting satisfaction is rare outside of meaningful relationships.”

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Score scones for Valentine’s Day

Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Feb 6 2013

In case you haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on at Grand Cafe’s old haunt at 31 N. Pauahi St., HASR Wine Co. opened up a simpatico restaurant on site with chef Rodney Uyehara in the kitchen.

Mornings are shared with the Mama’Nita Scones crew, baking away to fill orders. Anita Rhee spent about a year perfecting her recipes before taking her business public in fall 2011.

Organic Blueberry is the best seller, followed by a four-way tie among Trinity Berry (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries) and Cream Cheese, Hawaiian Banana and Mac Nut, Orange Cream Cheese and Apple Caramel. Anything chocolate is the third favorite, and in fourth place is Hawaiian Pineapple and Coconut.

Right now she’s taking orders for Valentine’s Day, introducing white packages topped with a red bow and heart. She will also create bridal favors in boxes graced with fresh flowers.

A Valentine’s Day box of eight scones is $21; 12 scones, $29. An individual scone in a clear purse container topped by a V-Day heart is $3.40 each. Pickup for advance orders is 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. Mondays to Saturdays. Orders generally require 48 hours’ notice, excluding Sundays and holidays.

Email Anita at, or for more information, visit

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