A List Of The Best In Trending Tech Gear For The Next Ten Years

The hottest devices are always changing, but sometimes they are more about design than actual technology. The most cutting edge devices seem to stay in the consumer radar because of their groundbreaking features or because they look really nice. Other times, they’re just plain old functional–and consumers are choosing those products over all the bells and whistles just because they know exactly what they’re going to get for their money. Trending technology doesn’t happen in a day or two; it takes time for something to grow into a trend. So, now that you know when something is truly “trendy,” how can you tell when it’s time to buy?

trending tech

Top 3 trends in technology tend to be things that have a concrete benefit to a user’s life, whether that is convenience entertainment, health or financial. As we move forward, there’s a greater need to think about the impact those things will have on society as a whole. The most impressive technologies still continue to make everyday life easier, but there are also some surprising new trends showing up that are worth paying attention to. Here, in the newest installment, we focus on big data, smartphones and mobile apps, and what you should be looking for when you head out to the mall.

Here are the top five trending tech products of 2021 according to tech magazines. Number one is the new Apple iPhone, which continues to push the envelope when it comes to user connectivity, ease-of-use and overall utility. Second is the announcement of Amazon’s plans to open an artificial intelligence center based on the wisdom of crowds to better serve customers. Number three is GPS, which has finally been integrated with mobile hardware. And, finally, Google’s smartphone software platform Android has received an update to include many new features, including built-in access to Google Maps. Now you may realize why the Google smartphone is so incredibly popular.

Number four on the new Trending tech list is arguably the most exciting product of all: the Apple earbud. Long considered just a funny novelty by the hip hop community, the apple earbuds are quickly becoming a must-have fashion item for people of all ages. They’re great to replace the need for conventional headphones with something that’s more comfortable, more flexible, and just plain more fun. And they’ve got some amazing features, such as built-in speaker volume controls and a microphone that can handle calls without the need for a headset.

Number five on the best of the best in trending tech gear is the Lumi portable beginner/intermediate guitar player. The design of the Lumi is especially geared toward beginners, because it makes it easier for the novices to play the guitar without having to reach over the fret board to find the frets. And the built-in tuners make it simple to tweak the guitar until it sounds right. With its compact size, the Lumi makes it perfect for traveling with a group of friends or taking it with you wherever you go.

Ten of the next eleven on our list of the best in trending technology will be coming out within the next two years. Two of the first – Google Glass and Kinect – are already out and two more will be coming out soon, according to my research. If you want to know more about these and other futuristic technologies, check out my website. You’ll also get access to tons of free video tutorials on the technology behind popular gadgets. I’ll also be writing a series of future technology predictions, so keep an eye out for my future articles.