First Smartphone – An Introduction

A smartphone is basically a small portable device which combines internet access, phone functions and mobile phone functions into a single device. These devices are made available in varying colors and with varying storage capacities and capabilities. There are many service providers who offer the service of selling handsets at cheap prices. There are also a number of online stores that sell smartphones. Some of these devices are even capable of surfing the internet.


Smartphones have been developed to cater to the increasing demands of the people who do not want to use a regular personal computer. The main features of a smartphone include web browsing, messaging facilities, playing online games and taking pictures. The operating system of the smartphone helps in performing various tasks. Android and iPhone are two prominent operating systems that have been used for developing smartphones.

Smartphones have become a convenient tool for a person to communicate, keep in touch and check their emails on the go. The Android operating system is an open source software which helps in making the handset user friendly. With the increasing popularity of smartphone, there has been an increased demand for new smartphones with more advanced features. As per the research conducted, Samsung has announced that it will be releasing two new smartphone models by the end of this year. The first one is called the Galaxy S III which is expected to come with a camera and has already set a record for the highest sales within the first week of its release.

In another report, Samsung has also confirmed that it will be releasing the new Gear smart phone. This model will also come equipped with a camera. It is expected that these two smartphones will be coming up as successors to the older Galaxy Gear and HTC Desire models. The recent boom in the smartphone market has prompted several companies in the manufacturing, designing and selling of mobile phones. Smartphones have become a revolution in the field of communication. They have offered many benefits to users and they have become a fashion accessory as well.

Smartphones are available in different models including, handsets based on the android operating system and smartphones based on the iOS operating system. Smartphones such as Blackberry and Microsoft’s Surface range are priced reasonably and have excellent features. There are even tablets like the iPad and Nintendo’s Wii that are available in affordable prices and also provide a great entertainment option. As far as features are concerned, there are numerous options such as, high definition camera, image editing software, and high resolution screen. Downloading apps on a smartphone is extremely easy and they are available free of cost.

One cannot deny the fact that smartphones have made our life much simpler. We can store all our important documents in the palm of our hands and can keep in touch with our friends and family through email and text messages. We can make use of all the apps on the smartphone and can listen to music on the Bluetooth. However, it is always necessary to update the apps so that they provide enhanced facilities. New smartphone apps are developed on a regular basis and one can keep checking for new ones as they become available.